YouTube’s “HappySlip,” Christine Gambito, on embracing and respecting Asian culture

Since joining YouTube in 2006, Christine Gambito’s “Happy-Slip” channel has over 600,000 subscribers and multiple videos, with more than one million views.

She recently shared her journey with Fil-Am college students at the most recent TFCU Talks at the University of California, Davis.

And as popular as her videos were for poking fun at her Filipino mother and the culture — Gambito said she was surprised by what was so normal for her.


“When I started I was scared that people would think I was disrespecting or dishonoring our culture, and far from it. I was actually taking what was requested by my own family members– to perform at different potlucks and parties and events,” she said. “It was like how it’s usually, you sing and dance for me it was ‘you imitate’. It’s always doing stand up comedy for the family.”

As more and more millennials turn to social media to become the next viral sensation, Gambito hopes this new generation remembers they should not rely on the validation of others.

“I would like them to not feel so much pressure creating a picture for other people to find them successful, but to know they can walk forward and with God’s guidance that their lives will come together as a bigger picture and not just concentrate in one area but it’s a bigger jigsaw puzzle for their life.”


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