YouTube star under fire for prank pretending to fire Walmart employees

Houston YouTube star Lauren Love, who has more than a million subscribers to her channel, is under fire for a prank that involved her walking around a Richmond, Texas Walmart store, pretending to be a company executive who was out to fire employees.

One of the victims of her prank was Filipina, Maria Leones, who has worked at Walmart for nearly six years.

Leones depends on her Walmart job to support her husband after he suffered a heart attack.

In the video, when love approached Leones and pretended to fire her, Leones burst into tears.

Walmart issued a statement in defense of Leones: “This prank is offensive and the people responsible are no longer welcome in our stores. Our associates work hard every day to serve our customers. They deserve better than being subjected to such disrespect and will continue to have our full support.”

Since the backlash, Love issued an apology but also defended herself, saying she is under pressure to generate entertaining content.

Love has declined BA’s requests for an interview, and has since been permanently banned from all Walmart stores.

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