YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos performs in Canada

by Quay Evano, ABS-CBN News
CALGARY — In his first-ever concert tour in Canada, YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos showed his fans that he is funny live as he is in his videos.

Filipino-Canadian internet sensation Mikey Bustos has become some sort of an icon with his funny song parodies while promoting Philippine culture to the world.

Bustos says he initially wanted to be a famous singer, like Arnel Pineda and Charice Pempengco, who were both discovered on YouTube, but his luck turned out differently.

“I actually wanted to start YouTube because I wanted to promote myself as a singer, that’s why I joined,” Bustos shared. “I had came off from Canadian Idol several years before that, so I said, hey why not promote myself on Youtube, so that’s when I started the channel.  But then, I decided one day just for fun to upload a comedy skit and that went viral and that took a life of its own and determined my career after that.”

“That’s what this concert is all about. It’s kinda celebration of what I discovered being a Filipino is all about after moving to the Philippines.  I grew up here in Canada and I thought I knew what it meant to be Filipino but it wasn’t until I moved to the Philippines, I’ve lived there for seven years, that I realized what being a Filipino is all about.  It’s a whole bunch of things.  Filipinos they live life with a heart, they are resourceful, food is great, family is important, they are spiritual, it’s a whole bunch of things and we explore that in the show.”

Bustos danced, sang ballads and delivered his own style of comedy, much to the delight of his millenial fans who grew up watching his videos online.

These young kababayans were so happy to see him up close and personal.

But aside from his showbiz career, Bustos is also busy with his science career that focuses on his love for ants.
“Well, all of this Filipino showbiz stuff, that’s just my hobby.  I actually have another business, an online business, for another channel called AntsCanada.  And so that’s a whole new online store, my science career, I’ve got that, help with scientific research, that’s actually a hobby too.  Everything I do is a hobby. So, I don’t know, I just kinda don’t have really a plan.  Both my AntsCanada career and this Filipino comedy showbiz career, I just let them create a life of their own.  I don’t know what’s up ahead.  I’m sure lots more videos to come on both channels, doing a lot of traveling now, I have a vlogging channel as well, lots of traveling up ahead.
For Bustos, with his great success as an ambassador of Filipinos on the internet comes with greater responsibility.
“I think anyone who acquires a big social media presence, they immediately realize they’ve got a big responsibility to, you know, put out a good message. I don’t know. I did because I grew up the Filipino way. My parents instilled Filipino values in me growing up, so yeah, I really make sure to put out a positive message, and I want my work to have more influence on young people because they are very important for our future and that’s the audience I mostly cater to, the younger audience.”

Bustos has performed in Edmonton, Calgary, and Saskatoon and will be performing in Winnipeg on February 24 and in Vancouver on February 25.

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