Young Pinoy environmentalist nabs Obama-led internship in U.S.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Juliano “Jules” Guiang, 24, has established himself in the Philippines as a television host of PTV-4 and as the Board Chairman of the National Alliance of Youth Leaders. But his real passion is the battle against climate change.

Through President Barack Obama’s Young Southeast Asian Youth Leaders Initiative Guiang is taking his environmental advocacy worldwide.

“Our concern for our environment should not just be mainstreamed or heightened during a certain disaster but it should be on our top most priority consistently,” said Guiang.

Last April during an EARTH workshop in Cambodia, Guiang was one of two participants chosen out of 72 applicants to represent Southeast Asia for a two-month U.S. internship focusing on environmental and strategic social media advocacies.

“In the Philippines we get more than 20 typhoons per year and that’s a normal situation for us and I hope that it wouldn’t be a normal situation any more in the future,” said Guiang.

During his internship Guiang visited many places across the U.S. and even spoke on environmental issues during trips to schools and universities.

Guiang says that the youth should use social media to empower themselves in the fight against climate change.

“If powerful countries can actually do something like the U.S – I’ve been challenging my colleagues and cultural vistas where I work for them to encourage their leaders to do something, to take the lead pertaining to the environment,” said Guiang. “Because at the end of the day countries in the ASEAN, in South Asia will mostly be affected.”

Guiang says he will apply the tools he gained from the internship to his environmental advocacy work in the Philippines.

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