Young Filipino Dreamers on DACA repeal announcement; organizations move to help

SAN FRANCISCO — For Filipino DACA recipients Geneva Reyes and Althea de Rivera, the Tuesday announcement of the rescission of DACA is still shocking.

“I didn’t know how to feel. I was trying my best not to be so sad. It hits home. It’s my life,” said de Rivera.

“I actually didn’t sleep Monday night because of the whole weekend I was looking at my emails from work, and I work with a lot of immigration attorneys so they were emailing the whole weekend,” said Reyes.

De Rivera and Reyes both came to the US before the age of ten and through the DACA program, they have been able to drive to and from school and work.

They say they are law-abiding individuals who are only trying to provide for themselves and their families.

“To give something to me and then suddenly take it back you’re taking my independence too,” said De Rivera.

Filipino organizations like the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns are supporting DACA recipients like De Rivera and Reyes.

They are putting the pressure on the Philippine Consulate to provide the necessary assistance to these Filipinos.

“They provide free legal and financial services to the people and that there should be no inefficient bureaucratic processes and they should release the procedures of how to avail of these assistance to DACA recipients,” said Aurora Victoria David, NAFCON.

For these DACA recipients, seeing the massive demonstrations across the country in their defense has been encouraging.

“We do feel alone. We feel scared and just to have the extra reassurance is comforting.”

And although their fate in the US is still undecided — they say they have faith in comprehensive immigration reform.

“Although I’m really scared and in awe and still in shock of the news from Tuesday, I’m really hopeful and optimistic about it and I really hope something good comes out of this bad news.”

Aside from the support from Filipino community organizations — De Rivera and Reyes say they are getting support from their employers.

“When immigrants youth are under attack, what do we do? Stand up fight back!”

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