By Steve Angeles, ABS CBN North America Bureau

May 6, 2013

Los Angeles – It’s one of the largest Catholic Filipino celebrations in Los Angeles, with hundred gathered at the Our Lady of the Angels cathedral to celebrate the annual ‘santacruzan.’

The celebration is traced back to when Queen Helen was believed to have found the cross on which Jesus died and the discovery led to Rome’s conversion to Catholicism.

Filipinos mark the celebration with a procession and crowning ‘reynas’ or queens to represent the women of the bible.

For young Filipino Americans, the celebration gives them a chance to trace their heritage.

“It makes me proud that we’re celebrating our culture here in Los Angeles. It makes me proud to be a Filipino and its really exciting,” said Janina Sanchez.

Along with the pageantry, there were also calls for prayers of peace and prosperity during the rosary.

“You know our Mama Mary is miraculous she is protecting our town from all calamities like fire earthquakes and floods,” said Minnie Sison of the Santa Maria Bulacan Association, USA.

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