Yemeni grocery store owners go on strike in NYC, protesting Trump immigration ban


BROOKLYN, NY — Yemeni-American bodega (grocery and corner store) owners decided to go on strike for one day, it sent a loud message to US President Donald Trump.

New Yorkers–who buy their daily coffee, beer, grocery and bagels at corner stores across the city–felt their absence Thursday.

The strikers were protesting against Trump’s executive action banning refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Yemen.

“Like he said, he wants to make America great… make it, but there’s [proper] ways to do it,” says Golden Deli #1 Yemeni store manager, Hussein Ghabsha. “If this is his agenda of making America great again, then he’s wrong.”

At sundown, thousands of Yemeni-American Muslims gathered in Brooklyn to pray for an end to President Trump’s extreme executive action on immigration, which tore many families apart.

Fil-Am human rights commissioner Carmelyn Malalis made this promise to Yemeni-Americans, that their human rights are protected in New York City.

“Whether you’re Filipino, Arab, Muslim, Catholic… whatever you are, you have rights in New York City. You have rights to be respected because of who you are, and NYC will use its protections to protect you,” said Malalis.

For Amnesty International, banning a whole nation or religion is an attack on human rights…

“We’re in a historical moment in this country, and all of us need to stand up against oppression,” said Kalayaan Mendoza, from Amnesty International-USA. “We need to stand up on attack on human rights and fundamental dignity, because if we don’t stand up, no one else will.”

On Friday, more anti-Trump travel ban protests are scheduled in a number of cities across the US.


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