Year-end chaos in the Trump administration, as federal retirements continue

WASHINGTON DC — Just a day after President Donald Trump’s announcement on Twitter, that US troops are withdrawing from Syria, he tweeted that Defense Secretary James Mattis is retiring in February, and that a new secretary of defense will be named shortly.

While it is true that Mattis is leaving the Trump administration early next year, his resignation letter tells a different story — no mention of his supposed retirement, and no words of thanks to the president either.

The letter Mattis released showed sharp policy differences between him and the president – criticizing Trump’s disregard for American allies abroad.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters that she did not believe Trump had asked Mattis to resign.

But House minority leader Nancy Pelosi says she was shaken by this resignation.

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer meanwhile stresses that there is now chaos in the administration.

Even some Republicans and Trump’s allies are not with him on this one, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

On top of the Mattis resignation, Wall Street tumbled as investors worry about the looming shutdown, slower economic growth and the federal reserve’s projections for more interest rate hikes next year.

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  • Mario
    22 December 2018 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    TRUMP surrounded himself with the best COMBAT Generals; McMASTER-NSA,Dir,KELLY-CStaff, MATTIS-DOD. US Arms Industry, RINO, NeoCons, politicians, WH Swamp were very happy, a lot of money to be made bec.we will be going to war soon. Much more, when Trump implemented his campaign promised PEACE THRU STENGHT(PTS).The3 Generals met all their best active Generals to make USA as the Best, Biggest, Strongest Military in the World, also Trump wanted the creation of SPACE Force(STAR WARS).Just one years ISIS was deciminated.. PTS-means; Before you attack USA you have 2 options to make; (1) If you try me,you are going to lose.(2) Just leave us alone, you have nothing to lose. All Trump campaign speeches always emphasizes; USA is now respected, the ENVY of the world and HOPE THAT WE WILL NEVER USED our military might. On 2018, McMaster, Kelly retired. The message here is you can not become a 2,3,4 Star General not unless you embrace the US Mil.Indrustrial complex, US is WAR economy, continuation war in the ME, is a big business. Trump said USA, had been fighting for more 20 yrs in ME, spend more than $6 TRILLION,lose thousand lives yet NEVER GAIN anything, time to leave Syria, Mattis resigned…..TRUMP never listened to his Generals, he listened to the wishes of American people who love PEACE FOR ALL.