Yasay defends Duterte’s recent actions, saying he’s misunderstood

Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay also took the time to defend President Rodrigo Duterte during a speech in Washington DC.  He said his boss is merely misquoted and often misunderstood.


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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    1 October 2016 at 7:17 am - Reply

    Last night coverage by Balitang America (also TV Patrol) on President Duterte saying there three million drug addicts in the Philippines and that he’s willing to slaughter them to protect the future generations…folks, the media played only a segment (video clip) and not the whole speech. In other video clips, Tito Digong cited the days of Hitler when he slaughtered over ten million Jewish…

    One interesting comment Tito Digong made was that a US president ordered the invasion of Iraq based on some unfounded facts that weapons of mass destruction were there, later turned out to be nothing? All this time, I’ve always thought that Tito Digong is at least 2% smarter when he is talking to the media, giving his take (10-cents) on everything happening around the world. When I heard him saying “it turned out to be nothing”…referring to the weapons of mass destruction that was never found…I wondered what Tito Digong is really made of? To me (non-politician), it looks like he pulling hair out his ass, and just spitting answers out to the media…My humble suggestion to Tito Digong is to look at the New York Times article regarding the weapons of mass destruction were actually found in Iraq:
    The Secret Casualties of Iraqs Ababdoned Chemical Weapons (Chivers, 2014).

    Tito Digong, if you have to criticize the US about Police Officer involved shooting on black people, you could atleast find the conservative coverage, not liberal media coverage, unless you’re just looking for a cheap (pulling the hair out of your ass) answer to the media…what you see in the news (including YouTube) are video segments, not the whole story…in most cases half the truths…