Worst storm in years triggers evacuations in Southern California

GLENDORA, Calif. – Flash flood warnings, heavy rains, and strong winds greeted Southern California Friday. In usually sunny Los Angeles, when it rains it pours, toppling trees and shutting off power.

Some highways were shut down due to flooding, causing major inconveniences for motorists.

The storm put several cities on evacuation, including the mountainside town of Glendora. Several Filipino families live in this Colby fire burn zone – vulnerable to mudslides because of a wild fire earlier this year.

Muddy waters filled gutters, blocking off access in some areas.

Last night, city and public safety officials urged residents to evacuate the Foothill area where a wild fire earlier this year and the ongoing drought had left some 800 homes prone to mudslide.

Sand bags and barricades were set up to anticipate for the worst.

“Our primary mission is really pretty simple,” said Chris Jeffers, Glendora City manager. “Life and property, life being the first.”

But some Filipino families in the disaster-prone area are not heeding the calls for evacuation.

Pinoys living at a home adjacent to the mountain told Balitang America they had no plans of evacuating because they felt they were not facing immediate danger.

According to local weather reports, the rains will let up during the weekend and return on Monday. Fortunately, it is expected to be less severe than the first day of the storm.

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