World-class Filipino pianists thrill audiences at Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Day of Music

Three world-class Filipino pianists wowed audiences at the recent Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Day of Music.

An animated performance of classical piano pieces delighted the crowd at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Day of Music. — from Mozart, Gounod, Shostakovich and more.

But aside from showcasing world-class talent, it was also a reunion for Marites Fernandez, Rene Dalandan and Vancouver’s own Dorothy Uytengsu — who made up the Quartetto Vivo performance with German Winfried Rompf.

The three Pinoys shared the same musical mentors from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines.

“This homage to my early teachers in the Philippines…who had given their very best for us and some of us shared the same teachers.”

“I was there during time when govt was very supportive of the arts…brought top calibre artists that others did not watch in other parts of the world, we were able to watch them. Very big part of our development.”

These kababayans are honored to represent Filipinos in a field and genre not commonly associated with the community.

Other Pinoys who watched their performance were also full of pride and inspiration after the show.

“From the balcony we could see them, dexterity of their fingers…can see how good they really are. the talent is really there,” said Phil. Consulate Vancouver Deputy Congen Leo Ausan Jr.

For many, it was a delight to discover a new stage for Filipino talent to shine in VANcity.


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