By Don Tagala, ABS CBN North America Bureau

May 2, 2013

New York – Union members and activists marched in cities across the United States on Wednesday to commemorate International Worker’s Day .

Some marched to demand an overhaul of US immigration laws, with Congress set to consider sweeping legislation that would bring many of the estimated 11 (m) million people living in the US illegally out of the shadows.

“Our message for Obama is to really have a dignified and a just immigration reform — one that does not illegalize humans and people that’s why we are calling for legalization for all,” said Anneberyl Corotan of the National Alliance For Filipino Concerns.

Immigrant groups describe the “Gang of 8’s” proposal on immigration overhaul as unjust because “it would leave out too many immigrants and focus too much on border enforcement.”

“It also cuts a lot of immigration provisions and visas that would reunite our families — which is a big issue in the Filipino Community,” said Bayan USA’s Jackie Mariano.

In Los Angeles, the loudest pleas came from immigrants who want to be reunited with their families.

“Our families are important to us all and when we talk about family reunification aren’t brothers and sisters part of that family too?” said march participant John.

“At least they are going to clear up the backlog on the brother sister category, remember there are millions in that category,” said Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) “Filpinos are are waiting as long as 24 years so this is a good thing but we don’t like the fact that they have taken away the category.”

For many Filipino marchers in New York, the May Day march is a declaration that people are organizing for their rights and not waiting for those rights to be granted.

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  • Wil
    2 May 2013 at 6:55 pm - Reply

    So let me get this straight; A person comes to the United States illegally, breaking the law. As a reward for breaking the law, the United States should reward that law breaker with amnesty!? The illegals in the United States should get in front of all those who has waited for their visas. Before anyone writes and say that the illegals will have to get in back of the line; the bottom line is that they get to stay and work in the United States, while my Brother-in-Law had to wait for 13 years for a visa. When his visa came up he was out of status because he got married. That is not fair to people like my Brother-in-Law, who has waited and those who continue to wait. If you are an illegal immigrant in the United States, you need to go home and come back legally.

    • noz
      2 May 2013 at 7:44 pm - Reply

      isn’t it? not just unfair, but offensive to the rule of laws. regrettably, america is running out of luck with seated far, far, lefty progressive politicians, who won the votes of couldn’t care less populace. these illegal aliens should have been deported systematically, if only politicians on both sides of the aisles did their jobs. illegal aliens godfathers are the lefty progressive politicians well absorbed on their own self interest alone, the same as their counterpart couldn’t care less populace, supporting INS reform laws detrimental to america, as long as the illegal aliens advocators, supporters, you name it, everything in the sink will vote for the liberal democrats in return, aka buying votes, the case of your brother in law, together with other similar cases applying the legal ways all over the world are treated like chopped liver by these lefty progressive politicians, why? they are not getting the votes in return, so again they couldn’t care less.