Woolsey Fire leads to burning homes, thousands of evacuations in California

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA — While the Santa Ana winds that have fanned the flames are expected to die down for the next few days, there’s uncertainty of when the Southern California wildfires — which have at one point led to 200,000 evacuations — will be contained.

The coastal town of Malibu has been completely evacuated with many structures, burning over 170 structures in the Woosley Fire.

A Filipino family who lost their home in Malibu shared these photos of firefighters working to continue blazes near their home.

Malibu is also home to Pepperdine University, which was still coping with another tragedy less than 24 hours before the Woosley Fire.

Daniel Lopez evacuated campus on Thursday, hours after finding out Fil-Am classmate Alain Housely and fellow church member Cody Coffman were among the 12 dead in the Borderline bar shooting in Thousand Oaks.

The school will be closed until Thanksgiving.

“The environment at Pepperdine is just really thrown of right now. A lot of people really haven’t had time to process anything that’s happened this past week,” said David Lopez, a student at Pepperdine University.

The blaze canceled some of the memorial services, including blood drives for the victims of the shooting, as many Thousand Oaks residents were evacuated.

“I cannot even begin to show the city’s appreciation for the firefighting men and women, not only from the Ventura County Fire Department but other agencies as well. There have been heroic efforts. We are forever grateful.”

As the winds die down and some neighborhoods catch a break other Filipino families are finding relief. Jennifer Hawkin was able to safely return to her West Hills neighborhood over the weekend after being evacuated for several days.

While she’s home for now, she knows that her and her family will need to be ready at any moment, and despite the fires and the dangers, Filipinos say they’ve been thankful for the efforts of the firefighters.

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