With days left on overseas absentee voting period, SF Consulate reassures Philippine voters their ballots will be processed

SAN FRANCISCO — Utilizing Facebook Live, the Philippine consulate of San Francisco is trying to reach as many registered voters as possible prior to the May 13th deadline to vote in the 2019 Philippine midterm election.

Consul General Henry Bensurto says that all 5,962 ballots of the registered voters under the consulate’s jurisdiction have been sent out to all registered voters since April 30, 2019.

With less 10 days left to submit their ballots for it to be officially counted, frustrated members of the US Pinoys of Good Governance are planning to protest in front of the consulate on Monday.

Congen Bensurto reassures that while he is confident they will receive their ballots on time — he still welcomes their protest.

“This is part of democracy and part of a democracy is to listen even if they are not willing to listen to you. That said I think you can convert any demonstration into a conversation.”

During his statement, Congen Bensurto says the consulate received the materials from the COMELEC on March 18th, and began sending out materials nine days later on the 27th.

Given the circumstance, he says it would be easier if the consulate received the materials earlier.

“Because that would gives us more time to do the process. Another thing is that for us to have if we received the money way ahead so we could already buy the stamps. The third is it would be better in the future perhaps and this is something we can discuss with Comelec and people in Manila maybe it’s better when these ballots are mailed to us that they’re already packaged.”  

Bensurto adds that while he speaks for his those within his jurisdiction — he encourages anyone still waiting for their ballots to contact their nearest Philippine consulate for answers to their questions.

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