With 50 million and counting, households continue responding to the Census 2020

April 1st, known as Census Day, is the day referencing when and where a person should be counted.

So far, since the Census began accepting online and mail-in responses, 50 million households, or 41 percent of the population, have responded.

Paper questionnaires are expected to arrive in mailboxes next week.

And while the final deadline for the Census isn’t until August 14th, the government is making sure its community outreach stays safe.

The Census Bureau has already postponed in-person events, and has limited census takers out on the streets.

“We do want to let you know once you respond, we ask to make sure that your coworkers, viewers, friends, family and social networks know about the importance about responding. And encourage them to complete there census, responding now will minimize the need for census takers to follow up and visit your home later this year,” said Ivy Daulo.

The 10-year Census will help determine congressional districts, as well as government funding for school, social services and hospitals. During a recent teleconference, the Census Bureau clarified some issues.

“Individual census participation is not tied to your ability to receive economic relief funding. Census responses can only be used to create statistics,” said Daulo. “By law, your census results cannot be shared, Census results are used for planning and funding services and programs this includes where hospitals and clinics are needed and where Asian language resources and translations can help in medical and emergency situations.”

And while people may be displaced due to covid19, including college students, Daulo hopes to clear some of the confusion on determining who to count and where they should be counted.

“If you are living in a temporary location, due to covid 19 please count yourself at your usual address… we also want to emphasize college students who live in a dorm or student housing, or other campus provided housing, they’re counted through by support of their school even if their college is closed down.”

People are encouraged to visit my2020census.gov for more information. Census forms are available in several Filipino dialects.

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