With 5.6 cents a gallon tax increase, gas prices are soaring in California

LOS ANGELES — California drivers are going to feel a bit of pain the next time they put gas in their tanks.

The state–which already leads the nation in highest gas prices—will see prices at pumps go even higher, as the added 5.6 cents a gallon tax increase kicked in on July 1st.

The steep tax is due to the 2017 voter-passed law designed to raise $5 billion a year for road constructions and mass transit programs.

Triple AAA says Californians are paying around $3.75 per gallon—over a dollar more than the national average, and with the tax hike, the state will take over 80 cents a gallon in taxes. At this rate, $4 and more on gas will likely be the norm.

Nika B, a Long Beach resident— a city peppered with oil pumps all over its neighborhoods—says that higher gas prices will really affect the way she takes care of her growing family.

“I feel helpless because I don’t have a choice but to pay that price…it’s kinda pointless for to be paying taxes on top of taxes if we can’t even see where our money is going.”

Across town—in Beverly Hills—gas prices are already incredibly high—- reaching up to $5 a gallon.

Nino Banzuela is visiting SoCal from the East Coast. He says gas prices in California are shocking.

As California gas prices continue to soar, experts are saying they have tips on how drivers can save gas creatively and effectively:

  1. Keep up with your car maintenance
  2. Drive with your window up—less wind resistance and better fuel economy.
  3. Do not idle- turn off your vehicle if you are parked on stand by.
  4. Avoid getting gas at stations near highways—they tend to sell gas more expensively.
  5. Drive less—take public transportation: bike or walk.
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  • Mario
    9 July 2019 at 1:33 pm - Reply

    California voters should blamed themselves, they keep voting the same politicians, the same party who kept increasing their taxes and fees.