Winter weather hits record-breaking temperature in Illinois

AURORA, ILLINOIS — 2018 welcomed Illinois with more snow, icy roads, sub-zero wind chills, and record-breaking temperatures.
According to the National Weather Service, Chicago hit its lowest-recorded high temperature on a New Year’s Day, set at 1 degree. The previous record took place in 1969 at five degrees.
48-year old Arthur Abecilla has witnessed twelve winters in this region and says each year only gets worse, especially after his car accident.

“Umikot sa may snow. ‘Pag nag-preno ako, umikot yun (sasakyan). Nag-preno ka na, diretso ang sasakyan; hindi mag stop.”

Asian-store owners Joemarie and Shiajahni Juarez say their store thrives in winter — when customers would rather buy cooked food than cooking themselves.
“Ang mga Filipino naman, they will really come out to grab food.”
But Joemarie says, owning a food business comes with huge responsibility — especially in the winter.
“We make sure, yung ice, we throw salt out there. ‘Yung mga danger zone sa kusina — proper attire, safety first, sa likod. We handle food, food sanitation is kinda tricky.  Extra careful kami.”
For 21-year old Jasper Juarez, winter is something he is used to and says, staying indoors for a couple of months is always a good opportunity.
“I really don’t mind not being able to go out there. I get to spend more time with my family so that’s what brings me happiness.”
Josh Juarez agrees and says — one thing that makes Illinois special, is “Being able to experience many different environment… Here, you get to experience four.”
The highly dangerous cold is going to stay below zero to single digit throughout the week and is not expected to go up to the 30s until Sunday.
Officials continue to warn everyone to stay indoors, and to take hypothermia and frostbites seriously. The state is aware of the extreme temperatures that cause bursting pipes, broken heaters, and structural problems around homes that is why there are at least 30 warming shelters in Chicago alone, that are open to anyone who is in need of a place to stay.
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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    4 January 2018 at 12:01 am - Reply

    During this time, i would like to invite those global warming strategist to go and visit Illinois and keep advocating… Or is it climate change this time? According to Tito Homer Quismorio (Bay Area Engineer), the heavy pollution generated by the urbanization of Illinois is so intense and has direct impact on the weather…