Will a Trump victory spell defeat for COVID-19 in America?

Following Day 1 of the Republican National Convention, do Fil-Am Republican voters have clarity on President Donald Trump’s plan to defeat COVID-19 and reboot America’s economy? Republican leaders from our community weigh in.

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  • Mario
    25 August 2020 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    It is common sense, BIDEN had been in politics for 47 years, he is talking of helping small business, how could voters trust him they had 8 years with OBAMA on NAFTA and WTO 70,000 US manufacturing was outsourced to CHINA, Mexico, Asia other and EU. As OBAMA said ONLY a MAGIC WAND can bring back manufacturing. In 2015 China/HK news said “By 2019 or earlier, US workers will clean the TOILET of the Chinese”.It should have been true if Clinton got elected. 1st-year TRUMP eliminated job-killing regulations, Tariff on Aluminum and Steel, Open OIL-Fracking drilling. 2nd Year the US became the OIL self-independent and #1 World OIL exporter, 6 Steel Plant revived. 3rd year, the US is the envy of the World, Lowest unemployment for BLACK, ASIAN and LATINO, rebuilt a dilapidated Military US-CHINA Trade deal begin. 4th yr. January 2020 CHINA SURRENDER on the US-China Trade deal phase 1, same month China retaliated, released COVID. Mar25, US economy down, the Stock market crashed DOW at 18,500. Trump inherited from OBAMA DOW at 18,200 on Nov 4, 2016. TRUMP focus on Stimulus, COVID. Convalescent Plasma got FDA approval, 70K COVID patients treated. Today Stock market a V-Shape recovery, DOW up at 28,100, China back on Phase 2. In my opinion, VACCINE for COVID to start VACCINATION by October and November.