Why the Fil-Am vote could be margin of victory in Pennsylvania

Only 12 days to go before the much awaited Nov. 3 presidential election, and former President Barack Obama pulls out all the stops to campaign for his former vice president, Joe Biden. In Pennsylvania, Obama conveyed the importance the swing state holds in the race for the White House. Lenn Almadin-Thornhill has this story.

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  • Mario
    23 October 2020 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    TRUMP already campaign 3X in PENNSYLVANIA, another OIL STATE, 25K averages attended the rally on 9/22 Moontownship, 9/26 Middletown,and Erie on 10/20, latest improvement is BIG Screen with all the VIDEO Tapes on J Biden banning FRACKING, but when he campaigns in Pennsylvania he is in FAVOR of FRACKING. After the Final DEBATE, Biden will eliminate the OIL Industry. This will destroy US OIL energy. During the 2016 election HC was leading 11 pts 5 days before the election, HILLARY is much smarter than Biden, she goes out to meet the crowd, BIDEN stays in his basement, and depend on MEDIA polls. Another points on TRUMP during the debate was about the 1995 BIDEN, CRIME BILL he put 20,000 BLACK to jail. Biden failed to defend this issue, will lose some of the Black votes. On 2016, TRUMP got 8% of the black votes and WON.Today TRUMP poll on BLACK is 23%, still rising. For Asian voters, TRUMP got 28% and WON, today he is at 30%.