Why some Pinoys give LA’s minimum wage hike a thumbs down

LOS ANGELES – A bigger pay day is coming for minimum wage workers in the country’s second biggest city. The Los Angeles City Council approved a measure to increase the city’s minimum wage from $9 an hour to $15 by 2020 on Tuesday.

Wages will gradually increase each year beginning with a boost from $9 to $10.50 in July 2016.

The move was welcomed by many Filipino Los Angelenos, especially in the caregiving industry where many workers making average hourly salaries at about the minimum wage.

Caregiver Lynn Javier Bandayrel said she hopes that this was true because it would give her a chance to save more money.

Business owners like Lina Tamayo who owns a restaurant may be the least excited about the wage increase. While her workers make around the $9 minimum wage, she’ll spend the next year trying to balance the books.

“For us owners of restaurants, it’s going to be a big impact. From $9 to $10.50, that’s going to be a big increase in our food,” said Tamayo.

For consumers, the gradual pay increase does raise concerns that they will eventually have to absorb the costs by paying higher prices.

“I think it will affect the merchandise right? The wage will increase, also the prices of commodities will increase. I hope it’s not,” said teacher Rose Elezar.

The city attorney will now write one more final draft of the ordinance which the council will votes on. After the vote, that final draft will have to eventually by signed by the mayor.

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  • noz
    21 May 2015 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    the minimum wage increase will mean increase value of EBT cards, so that the lifetime society’s lazy suckers / those >92 million jobless trapped by obobo will be able to afford the high costs of the basic needs of humans, only EBT cards can afford. the >92million jobless, either can’t find decent jobs or simply just gave-up, and now followed the footsteps of the lazy generational welfare takers, in turn building the legacy for their new breed of descendants as living off on other people’s hard earned dollars is good / the only right way of living in america. yes, obobo successfully transformed the american value of hard work for self sufficiency is bad, a commie indoctrinations of – capitalism just makes the rich richer is the die hard ideologue of obobo – “you didn’t build that”, becoming an uncontrollable vicious cycle, that must be severed at all costs, if not cut from the root of the commie problem, obobo had injected to the brains of fooled, gullible citizens, then america will be joining the nations of the banana republics of the globe. the former hardworking citizens were brainwashed by obobo are now stuck, trapped like hostages, can’t get out of the hellhole obobo have dropped them all, by voting in a heartbeat the socialists, far out lefty demoncraps. obobo / the demoncraps made the freeloaders feel like the winners of the minimum wage increase, at least in the short term, they all are too ignorant of the the cause / effect of the their future is with a doubt the same as calamity jane. the records of the demoncraps fighting poverty in america brought nothing, but catastrophe, as evidenced by states, counties, cities, towns, that went belly up, neighborhoods now are hoods with less educated to uneducated populations. demoncraps do not come clean with their failures, instead always get away with the blame games, pinpointing that its all the fault of their opponents, who are believers of fiscal responsibility of jobs for all able body americans, while the commie demoncraps is rob the money or hefty taxations of ricky rich, then handout the dollars or welfare grant to poor johnny – this is what obobo / the demoncraps have been using in brainwashing the fooled citizens, trying hard to fool the court, hardly not, with their bullcrap of legalizations of illegal aliens aka amnesty will be good for america’s economy, anybody believing such bullcraps is believing sky diving at ten thousand feet without a parachute is survivable with just a wide umbrella. so those believing amnesty for illegal aliens is just fine, will find out its the death of american’s american dream / america itself.

    the losers in the increase minimum wage are the hard working class, where their hard earned dollars do not go far enough with the raised prices of what they all need in daily living. the high cost of basics are pass to the consumers. thus increasing minimum wage never ever help the majority average earner americans. historically, minimum wage earners were student workers during summer, singles living at home, or people dependent with their high earner relatives or love ones. minimum wage were never meant as a means for total income. if a person wants minimum wage as a total income, then such person take another minimum wage paying job. the only way a person can get a high paying or decent job is with a college / master / PHD educations. as expected, obobo / the demoncraps fighting for minimum wage increase is nothing, but one of their many dirty political ploy of buying votes from likely minimum wage earner voters / pro illegal aliens hispanic voters, so what made you all think, obobo / the demoncraps minimum wage discussions, being pushed, feeding demands to certain group of population are taking place at this time – the upcoming general election in no time will be here, to make the elephant look bad as against the minimum wage / illegal aliens amnesty, while the pathological liar killery clunker is all out in full force campaigning, telling all of her antics – if she gets elected POTUS, she is for illegal alien amnesty for it will bring good economy to america, my foot, that the highest minimum wage is good for americans / america, we all will be economically equal, only if all the fooled voters will vote for killery, again, my foot. once a liar always a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar, a liar, yes a never ending LIAR is written all over the forehead of killery, born with natural talent – she can make people, both intelligent, not intelligent to believe all of her political fabrications / follies, to satisfy her hunger for power. killery clunker may have the edge to win with the >92million on welfare / the other 1/3 part-time workers on some form of welfare, created by obobo with his anti business stance. therefore, everything abhorrent policies obobo breed on his two term, living in the WH, the house of the americans was to set the stage for killery as an edge to win as first woman POTUS. sadly, people generally couldn’t care less, not even challenging killery / the demoncraps, all with the usual help of the commie, lefty lame stream medias. only GOD can help the USA from this storyteller woman, who is up to no good for this ailed nation, gasping for real recovery.