Why some eligible undocumented Pinoys don’t use DACA

SAN FRANCISCO – President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) may promise relief but not many are biting.

According to a study by the New America Media, only one in four eligible Filipino immigrants has applied for DACA.

All over the U.S., about 15,000 Filipinos are eligible to apply for DACA.

But as of March 2014, only 4,000 Filipinos have applied.

Some undocumented Filipinos say they do not trust the government based on broken promises in the past.

Miguel Sales says, being a DACA recipient, he feels the stigma even from members of the Filipino American community.

“You got to look at the law behind it,” said Sales. “Was it a bad law or a good law? Because based on that if you’re going to have a bad law and you’re going to treat people based on that bad law you’re going to have bad results. You got to stop perpetuating something like that.”

Statistics have shown the positive results of the DACA program: 45 percent of DACA recipients increased their earnings, 49 percent opened their first bank accounts, 57 percent got a driver’s license, and 64 percent experience a greater sense of belonging.

Deputy Consul General Jamie Ramon Ascalon says that the Philippine Consulate is partnered with other organizations to offer free help to all undocumented immigrants.

“Let’s not be scared,” said Ascalon. “Let’s trust the program and you can come to the Philippine Consulate whether it’s expanded DACA/DAPA or even if it’s AB60 if they have questions about the driver’s license.”

“There are scams out there but there are definitely people, community members, and non-profit organizations and they will help other people,” says Rachel Aceberos of the Filipino Advocates for Justice, a non-profit organizations that also assists in immigration.

Despite a federal judge’s temporarily block of President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration, Advocates remind members of the undocumented community that, if eligibile, they can still apply and renew for DACA.

They’re also encouraged to still prepare their documents for expanded DACA and DAPA.

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  • noz
    3 March 2015 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    obobo is all out onto expanded this / that unconstitutional orders, to one day will burst like a balloon pricked with the very sharp ruling of the laws against all of these DACA, DAPA / obobocare. obobo is sabotaging the rule of immigration laws right into the faces of americans. obobo sure is laughing behind the backs of the american people on how stupid, can’t figure out he is about to convert this nation to anti americanism.

    every american blood should be boiling with obobo’s concentrations of amnesty to lawless illegal aliens. obobo’s head must be hit with a heavy rock to wake him up to realizations he was voted into power to work for americans benefits alone. legalizing these illegal aliens will cause heavy financial burden to already bankrupt america / its jobless citizens about to lose its dignity living on other people’s hard earned dollars. its a catastrophic event ready to sink america into a blackhole with the looming 20trillion debt, obobo will be accumulating by 2016, and his thwarting of the constitution to legalize these illegal aliens is endangering this nation. this is not only insane, but suicidal.

  • cat_idiot
    4 March 2015 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    reason is simple……..most of them have more than 2 misdemeanor nor finish HS which is one of the requirements, kung sino p yun mga out of status sila pa yun loko kadalasan……