Why playing Scar and Sarabi in Disney’s “The Lion King” mattered greatly to Chiwetel Ejiofor and Alfre Woodard

Chiwetel Ejiofor pounced at the chance to play Scar, the villainous brother in Disney’s “The Lion King” remake, when the role was offered to him.

Since the first time the Oscar-nominated actor saw the original animated film, he says it held a special meaning to him because it is an African story.

“In that time 25 years ago, there was very little content and certainly very little content of any scale, any size that was set in Africa, and so, I just remembered from myself and my family and the community, it was a really important and exciting time and it just really lived up to it.”

Alfre Woodard echoes Ejiofor’s sentiment, and adds another reason why she thought it was good to tell the story again to a new generation of filmgoers.

“It’s always important to revisit classic stories, but it’s important because as we grow as human beings, more possibilities open up, and it’s a perfect marriage right now with our capabilities with the new technology, that we bring our traditional stories with us.”

“The Lion King” has now earned almost a billion dollars worldwide, making it box-office winner three weekends in a row.

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