Why Independent voters may decide the presidential election

NEW JERSEY – A Gallup poll at the beginning of 2016 shows more and more American voters, 42 percent, identify as Independents. The questions is, can Independents determine the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election in November? Don Tagala has this story.

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  • Mario
    15 August 2016 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    This is true,independent voters will decide who will be the next President,OBAMA won by 3.8M votes,and 64 electoral votes.Trump brought-in 4M new GOP voters during the primary, this must be the independent voters. All polls made by the leftist media have Clinton ahead by 47% against Trump 41%.The Globalist leftist media all over EU predicted at the poll 80:20 in favor for Britain (REMAIN), except one smartphone apps pollster, which predicted Britain will EXIT the EU. A San Diego based called “ZIP Q&A APPs” pollters have Trump winning by wide margin. ALL local leftist media pollsters depend on 1000 or less callers and mostly Democrats.There are 65M smartphone owners in the US, and this TALKING TECH survey depend on 100,000 smartphone apps conversations, TRUMP at 64%, while Hillary got 36%, Google:”MILITI POLLS”, Militi said people feel comfortable answering questions on smartphone apps. California a Dems State will vote for Trump, maybe this are the Sanders voters.Tech Industry Corp, like Facebook, Twitters etc., had 70% for Trump as a topics of the days on social media.Local media maintain 70% survey for Hillary not Trustworthy(being a LIAR).