Why Fil-Am LGBT members oppose NC bathroom bill

NEW YORK – Some members of the Filipino LGBT community in New York say they are not taking the controversial “Bathroom Bill” in North Carolina lightly.

House Bill 2 would force transgender people to use public restrooms that correspond to their gender at birth rather than the gender they identify with.

“I feel like America is moving backwards instead of forward,” co-founder of Soho International Film Festival Isabella Pacson said. “I feel I’m a woman inside. I dress up as a woman, and that’s my gender identity.”

Pacson has been using the women’s bathroom since she transitioned last year. Though her birth certificate shows she is a man, she said she can’t use a man’s bathroom.

Popsie’s food truck owner Marisse Panlilio, who identifies as lesbian, said she is more comfortable using the women’s bathroom.

“I wouldn’t want to go into a men’s room just because I’m a lesbian. But for mga transgender, hindi sila pwedeng pumasok sa men’s room kasi, you know why baka sila bugbugin, first and foremost is the bugbug factor eh, why are you here,” Panlilio said.

Pacson and Panlilio favor the Department of Justice’s recent guidelines to all public schools, which will allow transgender students to choose what restroom to use.

“Ako nung bata ako, I’m so scared to go to man’s bathroom, because I feel na I will be harassed, pagka nalaman nilang, oh you’re gay you’re using a man’s bathroom,” Pacson said.

However, not everyone is on board with the recent guideline. Senator Ted Cruz said the White House does not have the right to decide the country’s bathroom policy.

“We have entered the world of politically correct lunacy. And there is nothing in the Constitution that gives the President the power to be the bathroom police for the country,” Cruz said on CNN.

In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, President Obama weighed in on HB2 saying the school guidelines are really meant to keep kids safe.

“Kids who have a different sexual orientation or are transgender are subject to a lot of bullying potentially,” Obama said on CNN. “They are vulnerable, and I think that is part of our obligation as a society to make sure that everybody is treated fairly.”

May 17 is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and Pacson and Panlilio believe gender-neutral bathrooms will help solve the issue.

“We’re all different, we’re all humans and we should respect everyone,” Pacson said.

“The reason why we have all this commotion is because of people’s beliefs. I didn’t want to be like this, but I was born like this,” Panlilio said. “The only thing that we need now is to embrace everybody. All we need is love.”



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  • h
    17 May 2016 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    I’m glad to see that someone from the Fil-Am said something right about using the bathroom in North Carolina. It sure isn’t good for the gays using other bathroom that isn’t their gender at birth.

  • Santiago del Mundo
    20 May 2016 at 12:20 pm - Reply

    In the first place the bathroom signs is/are applicable to its intended purpose, no more-noless…until someone decided to be different…

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    3 June 2016 at 11:08 am - Reply

    When someone tell you they were born like this and like that, it’s a bunch of horsecrap…either suffering from mental disorder or psychologically misled by watching popularity hungry shows like Vice-ganda or The Buzz…most kids were born normal until they’re watching this talk shows….