White House hints at Obama executive order on immigration by September

By Balitang America Staff, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

August 5, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – President Barack Obama could issue an executive order on immigration by early September.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest hinted at this yesterday, saying the executive action could allow several million undocumented immigrants to legally work in the United States.

Critics of President Obama are keeping a close eye on this amnesty-like distribution of work permits because it goes against a longstanding law that prohibits tourists and undocumented immigrants from legally working in America.

Last week, majority of the GOP caucus in the House voted to prevent the president from creating an executive amnesty. But Senate Democrats are expected to block it.

The House returns from its August recess on Sept. 8.

Spokesperson Earnest says even if President Obama decides to take matters in his own hands before Congress’ return, he says the president would still be happy to have those executive actions superseded by passing the commonsense Senate immigration reform bill that passed more than a year ago.

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  • Delia
    5 August 2014 at 5:27 pm - Reply

    Barack Obama was a harmonic convergence of bad news for America when he was elected in 2008.

    He was a neophyte politically at the federal level. He had NEVER been an executive of ANYTHING…not even a lemonade stand. The bulk of his political experience was from the toxic and highly partisan political landscape of Chicago.

    Because of his race and charismatic personality (to the vacuous), the MSM willfully and obsequiously have refused to vet him. Instead of performing its traditional duty as watchdog for the public, the Left-stream media instead became Obama’s lap dog.
    His Chicago political experience led him to attack the opposition right out of the gate instead of working with them, leading to a permanently, sharply divided government. This seems also to be right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook, “Rules For Radicals.” (Shrillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on how Alinsky was too mild/tame.)

    The end result is a terrible President who has damaged the United States both at home and abroad.

  • Enigma
    5 August 2014 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    If boy Obama pulls off this stupid stunt with the work permits . Then state governors should trump his action with a state action. Any illegal showing up for work with a work permit issued by Obama is to be arrested and deported . Deport Deport Deport.

  • Filam
    5 August 2014 at 10:52 pm - Reply

    Only congress can write laws. That’s per
    The US Constitution

  • Mario
    6 August 2014 at 5:14 am - Reply

    On 2012 Obama signed exec action for 800K illegals,this send the message to Central Americans/Asians illegals to cross the border, then 5Million illegal exec action on September?, expect Million more illegal to come. 98Million American are already unemployed, where are the jobs. Stop the Democrat on Open border policy.Close the border now.

    • Delia
      6 August 2014 at 7:28 am - Reply

      We have massive unemployment in this country. Our own young adults can’t find jobs. The Democrats are delusional to think this will rebound in their favor. Our veterans are treated like crap, but we should roll out the red carpet and give them the whole poo poo platter. Go home, go home, go home. Fix the problems in your own countries. I am sick of press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish.

      Why are you dimwitcraps are so racist ? why did’nt you include press 1 for english 3 for Tagalog , 4 for Chinese , 5 Japanese , 6 for french , 7 for german and includes all other languages ? Are the spanish people the only culture you can relate too ? Its time to turn the table on you dimwitcraps , you’re the total idiots and the racist .