What’s Oscar-nominee Liam Neeson’s advice for Pacquiao?

NEW YORK CITY – When a prolific mob hitman, played by Liam Neeson, kills the son of his long time best friend and boss who happens to be a Brooklyn mobster, played by Ed Harris, you already know this movie is going to get real ugly.

“Run All Night” is an intense action-thriller movie set in Brooklyn, NY.

In the movie, Neeson’s character “Jimmy Conlon” has to make a choice between his crime family and his real family he abandoned years ago, and he has only one night to figure this all out.

Oscar nominee Neeson reunites with director Jaume Collet-Serra who has directed the 62-year-old actor in two other intensely action-packed movies – the “Unknown” and “Non-Stop”

“I just want to torture the audience,” Collet-Serra said. “I imagine them jumping. You just gotta keep surprising them, by changing the pace, changing what the expectation of what could have happened.”

“This is my third time working with Jaume and I knew that the film is gonna be better the script,” said Neeson.

“Robocop” star Joel Kinnaman plays Neeson’s estranged son .

“It’s going to be a film that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat, intense fast moving action thriller. But it also has a lot of emotions,” Kinnaman said.

The 35-year-old Kinnaman plays a boxing mentor in “Run All Night” and says he also boxes in real life to keep himself fit.

So who exactly are these Hollywood stars supporting in the Pacquiao- Mayweather mega-fight?

“It’s hard because I love both of these fighters and I think had it been five years ago, I think Pacquiao would have won. Now I think Paquiao is more past his prime than Mayweather,” said Kinnaman.

“I’m definitely with Manny’s camp. Yeah sure, I want him to beat this guy. This could be the Muhhamad Ali, Joe Frazier fight of 1971,” Neeson said. “Manny two tickets, buddy. Two tickets, Manny. Two tickets.”

Neeson lent his voice to narrate Pacquiao’s “Manny – the Movie” released earlier this year.

“I do know he’s gone into politics. I think he’d be great for Philippine politics. Get this fight over with. Completely retire. He’s made his money,” Neeson added.

“Run All Night” opens in theaters this Friday.

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