What to do if ICE comes to the door: “Know Your Rights” information for vulnerable immigrant communities

Immigrant rights advocate, Attorney Lara Gregory, is among those who created a Know Your Rights immigration rights campaign, in different languages, including Tagalog — through her non-profit, the New York Center for Education and Legal Remedies.

Here is what you can do in case ICE agents knock on your door.

“They shouldn’t really open it unless they identify as law enforcement officers,” Atty. Gregory says. “They have the right also to ask for a warrant, or if they’re asked to sign something, say that I do not want to sign anything until I have consulted with an attorney, they actually have the right to remain silent, the less information they offer the better for the person.”

You can also demand to see a warrant signed by a judge and have them slip it under the door..

An ICE warrant does not permit agents to enter your home, so if the officials do not have a warrant signed by a judge, you can refuse to let them in. If they force their way in, remain silent and do not resist. Remain calm.

Ask for a lawyer and do not sign anything. Remain silent and do not sign anything until you’ve consulted with an attorney.

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  • Mario
    17 July 2019 at 2:42 am - Reply

    No matter what you do, ICE will come and visit you. Filipino Culture will prevail which is “Pinoys will report fellow Pinoys to ICE”. Reason is , you might have a better life than me or your children might have a better life than my children, I rather send you home now.I fall in line at US Embassy in PH, you did not, you just arrived as tourist, you overstayed became illegal, you should be punished and pay what you have done, so, therefore, I am forgiven for reporting you.