West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon becomes surrogate for Pete Buttigieg

As South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s ranking continues to climb presidential polls in a few states, he also raised $25 million in the fourth quarter of 2019.

And one longtime elected official from Northern California is supporting bid for Democratic presidential nomination.

Fil-Am Christopher Cabaldon, the longest-running mayor in West Sacramento history, is serving as a surrogate for Buttigieg.  A surrogate is another politician, celebrity or influential person campaigning for a candidate.

In 2006, two years into his first term as mayor, Cabaldon came out publicly as gay. Almost a decade, later he and and Buttigieg would meet at the Annual Mayors meetings, and despite a 16-year-age difference, their shared history of being two of the few openly gay mayors in the country, drew them together as friends.

Last year, Cabaldon spoke at Buttigieg’s election announcement.

And now, Cabaldon has taken a big role to get Buttigieg closer to the presidency.

“This election is not going to be won in the airwaves, it’s going to be won on the ground particularly in California and communities like ours, it means going into Stockton and Vallejo and to Artesia and Cerritos and Daly City, and my city, and activating voters that have been left behind, that are largely invisible in this race and that’s where the delegates will be and for one thats an opportunity for our campaign and for all of the candidates.”

Cabaldon who attended last month’s presidential debate in California, believes the path to victory for the South Bend, Indiana mayor, is by reaching out to smaller communities, where he hopes the Asian American voters would be tapped.

“The path to victory in California nationally is going to mean bringing our community to the forefront, both Asian American and Filipino American community both in California and both nationally. And this is the heart of it, California where the action is gonna happen so we’re out recruiting staffers and volunteers, reaching out to the media, finally making this campaign about all of America.”

This year, the primary elections in California takes place in March, with early and absentee ballots beginning in February.

“California is incredibly critical this year, both this placement with Super Tuesday and the fact we’re going to be voting right when I was voting all the way thru, meaning we’re really important but we’re not voting statewide and a lot of candidates are still struggling, how do you deal with a state this big.”

Also among Buttigieg’s endorsers, another openly gay former mayor, Fil-Am Gabriel Quinto of El Cerritos.

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