“We have an understanding,” LizQuen says of relationship status

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Fans from all over the United States gathered at the Kapamilya Fun Day at California’s Great America, to get up close and personal with one of the hottest Filipino loveteams around, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil.

The two, known as LizQuen, were first paired up in the 2013 Star Cinema film, “She’s the One”.

So what were their first impressions of each other?

Enrique admitted, “Nothing much. She was just really quiet and shy and she was super young. It was just a hi-hello kind of thing.”

“I thought he was a playboy and the type to not take things seriously,” expressed Liza.

Their forgettable first meeting would soon turn into a deep friendship and appreciation for each other. They also began trusting each other as actors. Their loveteam took off when they played Xander and Agenes in the hit 2015 Kapamilya teleserye, Forevermore.

And now, they’re proving their bankability as actors in their latest Star Cinema film, “Just the Way You Are”.

While they are open to work with other loveteams in the future, Liza and Enrique said they would rather see their tandem go even further — with the relentless support of their fans, and their growing affection for each other.

The 23-year old actor revealed that he is courting the 17-year old star. But there’s some waiting involved. He said, “Well, she’s not allowed to have a boyfriend yet. For me, it doesn’t really matter if she’s not allowed, for as long as I know I’m the only guy, or I’m special and she’s special to me.”

While her American mother, Jacqulyn, has expressed that she’s rooting for the two, Liza’s father wants her to put off having a boyfriend, at least for another year. She said, “”He said, when I turn 18, Quen can court me. It’s an understanding that when the right time comes, when everybody is ready, when I’m ready, when my dad is ready, when my family is ready, and if he’s still waiting — then yes.”

While he’s waiting, Enrique joked, “I’m going to date the mom instead!” Then he burst out laughing.

While fans wait and see if the two will officially become a couple, Liza and Enrique already know how much they mean to each other.

Liza shared, “”I’m happy he’s always here. I’m happy we’re a loveteam.”

“I do a lot of things, usually. But the most that I’ve done for somebody is for her,” concluded Enrique.

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