‘Walking Dead’ fever heats up at NJ convention

SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY – It’s like the heaven of all things “Walking Dead” at the Walker Stalker Convention in Secaucus, NJ over the weekend.

Thousands of fans infected with the Walking Dead fever got to meet and chat with some of the show’s biggest stars – both the living and the dead characters.

Stars like Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon, Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Lauren Cohan as Maggie, and Steven Yeun who plays the only Asian character in the show, took photos and signed autographs for the fans.

Even dead characters like Beth Green and Shane Walsh were resurrected from their TV death to meet and greet their fans.

Walking Dead Fan Macalina Abalos-Gallagher said, “I’m a big fan, I’ve been there almost like day one. I’ve been watching it diligently every Sunday, I tell my husband 9 o’clock I’m going to watch my show.”

The comic book-based post-apocalyptic horror drama is set in a world dominated by flesh-eating zombies or walkers.

With an average of nearly 20 Million (19.9 M) viewers per episode, it is the number one cable TV series in the US.
Filipino fans are obsessed with the show.

Walking Dead fan from Belleville, NJ Eric Escobinas said, “Kasi kumpleto, there’s emotions, there’s drama , there’s intrigue, there’s even romance and it’s heartfelt and that’s how Filipinos are too very emotional.”

“It’s like great writing, but there’s always surprises and you know how many Zombies can you kill,” said Marilyn Abalos.

At the two-day sold out event, fans turn into walkers thanks to these zombie make-up stations. Fan look alikes also cosplayed as their favorite characters from the show.

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