VP Leni Robredo on the Philippines midterm elections

WASHINGTON DC — Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo spoke in Washington DC this week, responding to speculation that she is gearing up for the 2022 presidential election in the Philippines.

Robredo says she is more concerned about the May 2019 Philippine midterm elections.

“The elections in may of 2019 will be tough for the opposition, the president is still very popular. But we are hopeful that we will be able to win a number of seats in the Senate at least.”

For Filipino-Americans at the capitol, they say Filipino voters should focus on the issues and not on the personalities of those running for office.

For a recipient of the US Congressional medal for Filipino World War II veterans, Celestino Almeda says the territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea should be a top priority.

“I do believe that the authorities in the Philippines can do more, if only they are willing or are they in some form of connivance with China. There’s nothing wrong to have diplomatic relations with China because they are our neighbor but never forget that the U.S. is our big brother.”

Community leader Eric Lachica says Filipinos should question the motives of political dynasties running for office.

Robredo says there’s a monumental task laid down before every single Filipino, who is registered to vote and choose a new breed of Philippine leaders.

“Now more than ever, we need leaders who will step own from their pedestal and walk with the last, the least and the lost, we need leaders who will commit themselves, to the protection of human rights, leaders that draw strength not through brute force or intimidation but through acts of empathy and respect.”

The deadline to register to vote overseas ended last September 30th.

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