VP Leni Robredo: Democracies are facing fierce challenges to their legitimacy

Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo, who was in Washington DC on Thursday, said that democracies are facing fierce challenges today, but it’s up to the people to stop the return of tyrannical rulers and keep the flames of democracy alive.

Speaking before a leadership forum at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC on Wednesday, Robredo said democracies are facing fierce challenges to their legitimacy.

“This has given rise to a new breed of populist leaders seeking to introduce tyranny as a more alluring counterpoint to democracy.”

Robredo says there’s a global trend of people are drawn to populists, and among the populist presidents that have risen to power recently is the Philippines’ very own.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    20 October 2018 at 1:23 am - Reply

    According to Tiglao (2016), De La Salle University Professor Antonio Contreras has issued a warning to Robredo that “There is no glory in winning a highly questionable election. The ghosts of fraud will come back to you. And history will show that you are the product of that fraud.”

    The ballot recount is about to shed some light into the truth of the 2016 election. It is very obvious that Vice President Robredo is going around the world telling people fairy tales that democracy in the Philippines is experiencing fierce challenges? I have not a single accomplishment of Robredo regarding the overwhelming drug problem in the Philippines, other that crying about human rights this and that?

    Suppose Vice President Robredo can explain herself about the Yellow Cult Plan B before the 2016 Election? Specifically about IT expert claims regarding tampering of Smartmatic’s programs? Yeah! The ‘hash codes” or the lock that ensures integrity of the Smartmatic’s system software has been tampered with? On May 09, 2016 to May 10, 2016, several testing and verification of the “transparency server” were conducted and found (confirmed) that the paired hash codes of the file were different (Tiglao, 2016). The time of the tampering were consistent with the regular and continuous narrowing of Marcos lead over Robredo every time the Parish Pastoral Council For Responsible Voting upgraded election results for the vice presidency.