Voters weigh in on Justin Trudeau’s narrow victory

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau stays for another term ,in one of the closest races seen in the country’s election history.

Trudeau’s Liberal pPrty took 155 seats, a far cry from the majority victory in 2015 — where his party won 184 out of 388 parliament seats.

With Monday’s results, Trudeau’s party will be a minority government — and will need the support of other parties to push legislation in parliament.

Despite this, Trudeau’s message was clear after his party’s narrow victory.

“You are sending our liberal team back to work, back to Ottawa with a clear mandate. We will make life more affordable, we will continue to fight climate change, we will get guns off our streets, and we will keep investing in Canadians.”

Some Filipino Canadians already saw a minority government coming based on pre-election polls.

“There is now a balance of power, policies that can be extreme to one group will be tempered..Overall it will be good.”

“It’s likely to lead some instability at first because we won’t know who’s going to form government — hopefully there will be a coalition between two pol parties to work together to form majority…

But the conservative party seems bent on taking over, despite failure to win more seats in the elections.

With the results, Fil-Cans are optimistic. Relevant policies introduced by the liberal government will continue.

Two issues topped the concerns of many Filipinos throughout the campaign are immigration and job security.

The liberals introduced a number changes to immigration during their term, like the pathways for permanent residency for caregivers.

“There’s so many pilot programs that’s happening and we have not really studied yet how these pilot programs are going to affect caregivers, temporary foreign workers and those who are able to enter thru the federal skilled program.”

With elections over, other kababayans are just thankful they were able to participate in the electoral process.

“Politics is so divisive..–  and daming mga different opinions, as an individual you really have to take this privilege to vote, to have a say in the future of everyone, not just for Filipinos but for Canadians in general, how we can help

About 17.9 million Canadians voted in the polls this year, or 66-percent of the total voter population.

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