Voters weigh in on importance of climate change ahead of 2020 polls

QUEENS, NY — Urgent calls for world leaders to address climate change are being held at the United Nations headquarters in New York, after global rallies were held on Friday.

A new UN world meteorological organization report has been presented to the UN climate action summit on Monday. It detailed how communities are already experiencing the impacts of rising seas, increased droughts and more intense heat waves and wildfires.

“Nature is angry and we fool ourselves if we think we can fool nature because nature always strikes back and around the world nature is striking back with fury,” said Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

In the U.S., according to the report, extreme weather patterns including stronger storms threaten not just the cities and towns but also the local economies.

According to a recent CBS News poll, 45 percent of Americans surveyed said climate change will be a factor in their 2020 presidential vote.

“The reason why the more recent election cycle climate change is on the forefront is because more and more of that younger generation in which in the last election cycle weren’t really or lesser involved are now more involved and now more of them are voters and so a lot of those running to keep their seats need to listen more to their new constituents that are prioritizing more climate change and the environment,” said Steven Raga, NY State Assembly chief of staff.

The issue, however, is more important to Democrats than to Republican voters.

Raga who has been involved in politics both as a candidate and as a political consultant said that part of the reason could be attributed to partisan politics.

“I think that we are unfortunately carrying the weight on our shoulders of that legacy of stonewalling the other side when we can work more cooperatively for our environment in our country and the world.”

Among the so-called climate voters surveyed recently, former Vice President Joe Biden came out on top with 30 percent support.

But Biden’s plan got some pushback from Democrats and environmentalists. His $1.7 trillion budget to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 is seen as modest.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, released a 16 trillion dollar climate plan that builds on the green new deal. It calls for the united states to move to renewable energy across the economy by 2050.

“You know what, they are right, it is expensive. But the cost of doing nothing is far more expensive!”

For 10 trillion less, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s five-pronged strategy sets different deadlines to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and other administration officials do not see climate change as an immediate crisis. Water and ocean pollution, according to the environmental protection agency chief, are the bigger global threats.

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  • Mario
    24 September 2019 at 4:16 am - Reply

    Climate Change will be the factors for 2020 election?? Well for the Democrat it will be GREEN NEW DEAL…elimination of FOSSIL FUEL,. go ahead you will never win a vote. All US voters drive a Gasoline Fed car, replace it with Electric veh??.No more Airplane,If I will visit PH, I will ride with what, boat driven by sail wind,or paddle?. Easy VICTORY for TRUMP if that is your platform. TRUMP made America the #1 World OIL and GAS producer and #1 WORLD GAS/oil Exporter. It means due to abundance of Gasoline, gasoline cost will be cheaper, and soon gas-fed engine will be cheaper, that EV production will remain expensive, due to less car buyer. ECONOMY will be the major issue on 2020 election. OBAMA was re-elected with 11% unemployment, Trump unemployment now 3.7%. Lowest unemployment for Asian, Hispanic and Black American in 51 yrs. 30% of the US voters are independent voters, their loyalty is MONEY, if they have jobs, means money for them, they don’t care about the weather.