Virtual reality: the newest experience for movie theater-goers?

LAS VEGAS — Theater owners and film studios work hand in hand to lure moviegoers to what’s the trendiest in advanced entertainment technology: virtual reality.

The evolution of cinema theater adding new entertainment dimensions to moviegoers debuts at this year’s Cinemacon convention in Las Vegas.

This 4-D e-motion from Lumma comes with this multi-sensory experience.

It does not only include motion but also splashes of water, bursts of air and lighting effects that accompany the action of the movie.

But to top it off you could also smell the scent of the movie you are watching.

In the immersive technology game, Media Motion is also shaking up the theater industry with the motion effects experience MX4-D.

Focus VR, a multiplayer VR motion platform, provides a virtual reality experience. Players walk into virtual worlds within a 6 by 6 footprint. Players can compete in the same game.

According to Statista, the virtual reality industry is growing at a fast rate. By 2020, revenue is expected to reach 21.5 billion dollars.

All of the virtual reality exhibitors at this year’s Cinemacon are hopeful to expand their presence internationally in theaters, shopping malls, resorts, and gaming centers around the world.

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