Virginia Rep. Bobby Scott on TJ Cox, beginning a new term in Congress

WASHINGTON DC — This grandson of a Filipina is not wasting any time getting back to work in Washington.

While those voted out have not quite found a place for their furniture, and the newly elected members are still trying to figure out office space.

Congressman Bobby Scott of Virginia’s 3rd district is already working on the top issue most Americans said they care about.

“Healthcare is an issue that affects everyone directly. Immigration affects a lot of people directly but most people more indirectly. Immigration became an issue because of the president particularly the way he treats immigrants and the issue.”

Various surveys conducted before and after the November 6th midterm election showed that healthcare is the most important issue facing the country. In one survey, 41 percent of voters cited healthcare. Only 23 percent said immigration.

“Everything this administration did undermine people’s access to affordable healthcare. We’re going to change that, not only in the sabotage, but make insurance more affordable, more comprehensive. Cover more people.”

Congressman Scott is hopeful that this new Congress would find a way to bring more healthcare access to millions of Americans across the country. Meanwhile, Scott is holding his first town hall meeting in Hampton, Virginia this week. The main topic, healthcare.

36 states and the District of Columbia have now expanded Medicaid under the affordable care act. In Virginia it meant 400,000 more were able to get insurance. Congressman Scott said there is a lot of work to be done once Congress begins its new session on January 3rd, and he welcomes all the help he said, especially from one new member from California — TJ Cox.

“Well we’re excited to have TJ Cox join the Congress. For several years, I’ve been the only member with any Filipino ancestry. And it’s nice to have a new friend come in. We look forward to his service. He’s got a great background and that he’ll be a great contributor to the deliberations in the Congress.”

Cox declared victory on November 28th over incumbent Republican David Valadao to represent California’s 21st district. As of December 3rd, cox has 820 vote lead. Tulare County is the only one with outstanding votes, 1,510, according to officials, still to count.

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