Virginia Filipino college students tackle immigration in annual Culture Night show

by Monica Galazo, ABS-CBN News

RICHMOND, VA — A stage play put together by Filipino students in Virginia uses the theatrical medium, to share a timely story on immigration and how Filipino families have struggled, yet persevered through the toughest times.

Every year, Filipino culture, issues, and struggles are presented in the form of a stage play at the Virginia Commonwealth University, put together by the organization called FACT – Filipino-Americans Coming Together.

For this year’s highly anticipated event, FACT put together a play that depicts the reality of many of Filipino families — the immigration crisis in America.

“Kasalanan ko Ba?” or “Is it my fault?” tells the story of a young Filipina student named Isabelle, whose student visa is expiring and was left with no choice but to marry her U.S. citizen boyfriend to save herself from deportation.

The scriptwriters said they were inspired by their own family’s immigration history, so they weaved their stories together into the play.

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