Virginia Beach gunman resigned hours before mass shooting

More information on the lone gunman of last Friday’s Virginia Beach shooting — the deadliest mass shooting this year.

Authorities said Dewayne Craddock had resigned before going on a shooting spree at a municipal center last Friday, where 12 people were killed and at least four injured — including a Filipino.

Craddock’s last day was scheduled to be on June 14. He cited personal reasons for his resignation.

The certified professional engineer, who worked with the Virginia Beach public utilities department for 15 years, killed a local contractor and 11 city workers nearing the end of his workday.

Among those killed was engineer Christopher Kelly Rapp, who leaves behind a Filipina wife named Bessie.

BA has also confirmed that one of the injured is a Filipino, but authorities have not officially released their names.

The shooter died after a lengthy encounter with the police.

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