Victims scoff at USC settlement for class-action lawsuit against former gynecologist George Tyndall

LOS ANGELES — More lawsuits are trickling in against former University of Southern California gynecologist George Tyndall, who is accused of sexual battery against hundreds of students during medical examinations.

14 more plaintiffs have joined Gloria Allred’s lawsuit, which was started by Fil-Am student Daniella Mohazab.

The high powered attorney now represents 50 women.

“Finally, we believe that our 50 clients in our lawsuit deserve the truth as well as compensation for what they suffer. We demand and are entitled through our lawsuit to see USC’s records to determine what USC knew and when they knew it. We demand accountability from USC so that what happened to our clients never happens again.”

Mohazab was one of the first victims to step forward, claiming Tyndall, who is married to a Filipina made inappropriate comments to her, including some based on her ethnicity, as well as touched her inappropriately.

The latest victim said he made sexual innuendos about Filipino women.

Last week, USC offered $215 million to settle a federal class-action lawsuit that involves a fraction of the victims.

The Allred-represented women are not part of the class action, and they are demanding more than money.

They want to know if USC concealed the alleged sexual abuse, which is believed to have happened throughout at 30-year span.

“The $215-mil settlement is a mockery to each of Dr. Tyndall’s victims USC can do more. USC do more. Prove that you understand the pain we now incur. Understand us. USC you need to hold yourself accountable. Make amends to the victims your students, your alumni.”

Tyndall has repeatedly denied allegations, saying that all his actions and examinations were within routine, and the comments he made to students were a way to connect with them.

While the civil procedures take place, the alleged victims are continuing to wait for authorities to file criminal charges against Tyndall.

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