Vice President Mike Pence to US Armed Forces: “We are bringing our troops home”

MANBIJ, SYRIA — The Pentagon confirmed that four of the victims were Americans: two US servicemembers, one a civilian and contractor for the Dept. of Defense.

ISIS claimed that the blast in the Syrian city of Manbij on Wednesday was carried out by a suicide bomber who wore an explosive vest.

Three other US service members were injured in the blast.

But hours after the blast, Vice President Mike Pence said “we are bringing our troops home,” before a gathering of 184 chiefs of US diplomatic mission in Washington DC.

In his remarks, pence did not mention the attack in Syria and did not offer condolences to the families of the victims.

Despite his press secretary Alyssa Farah’s tweet ‪Wednesday morning saying he and Trump have been briefed and we’re monitoring the situation in Syria.

Pence later condemned the terrorist attack and expressed sympathy for the deaths of the Americans, but doubled down on his statement that ISIS has been defeated, saying the US Armed forces have crushed the isis caliphate and devastated its capabilities.

He echoed the president’s call for the troops to come home.

But Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said Wednesday that Donald Trump should think “long and hard” on Syria.

Lawmakers from both sides renewed their calls for Trump to allow US troops to stay in Syria, until ISIS is definitely defeated.

Democratic Senator Cory Booker pressed the president to reverse his decision to withdraw stabilization funds from Syria – saying isis is clearly not defeated.

Meanwhile, NBC News Chief Foreign correspondent Richard Engel tweeted: “Trump used to say he’d never telegraph his war plans or troop movements because it could help isis. Yet in Syria he’s doing just that.

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  • Mario
    18 January 2019 at 2:28 am - Reply

    Trump withdrew US troops in Syria, what is his agenda.When Obama withdrew troops in Iraq critics from the GOP disagree, but the withdrawal from Iraq had a successful agenda. They killed Gadaffy, it open the floodgate of Libya,to allow Moslem terrorist from Africa to enter ME, ISIS was created to harrass ME citizen,they pushed them out and run to EU. EU liberal leaders who believed on Open border,said “Welcome to EU”, this is known as successful Moslem invasion of EU.Looking back on Trump background, as a businessman his secret weapon is bankruptcy.Leaving Syria means there are several players, Syria, Russia, Iran, ISIS, Kurds,France and Turkey.US will return 20 France bases to Macron,are they going to defend it.ERDO of Turkey, ambitious, dreamed of the return of Ottoman Empire, already send his tanks inside Syria, want to finished Kurds, rebels and ISIS will continue to fight everybody, if Russia will remain in Syria longer, he will be fighting on 2 or 3 fronts,(Syria,Crimea and Afhagnistan) Trump will also withdrew in Afhagnistan soon, Taliban hated the Russian, Indian and Pakistani within their borders.It will be a long war if they cannot unite, one or two country will get bankcrupt.NOTE: This is only my analysis and opinion on Trump.