Filipino shares heartbreak over losing wife and unborn child to murder

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Oct. 30, 2013

LAS VEGAS – In a heart-wrenching conversation to Balitang America, grieving husband and father Aristeo “Aris” Indico poured out his emotion, following the death of his pregnant wife and unborn child — in the hands of his own sister, Elinor.

“I’m very mad. I want to see to it that my wife and my son Anthony will get justice. There is no turning back. My family is outraged that she (Elinor) did this to us,” Aris said.

Until now, Aris has no idea what pushed his sister to commit the crime.

But he talked about her insecurities. “She was always telling me that everybody likes me better, our Dad likes me better, that I have a better job. All I did was push her to succeed.”

The Indico siblings were born in Caloocan, Philippines but they migrated to the United States in 1991.

In 2006, Aris married Ashley, who he said was Filipino at heart, even if she wasn’t of Filipino descent. Aris said Ashley looked forward to visit the Philippines.

“She loved steamed rice, chicken adobo and pancit. I taught her a few Tagalog words. ‘Mahal kita,’ she would always say that when she dropped me off at my job,” he said, sobbing.

26-year old Ashley was nine months pregnant and was due to give birth October 26, when she was reportedly attacked by Elinor.

The Las Vegas Metro Police found Ashley’s lifeless body inside her North Las Vegas home last October 16, where Elinor, now a suspect in the case, was also temporarily staying.

Aris remembered his last moment with Ashley when she dropped him off at work with their children. He never thought that would be the last time he would see his wife alive.
“It’s not easy for a father to look at your two kids and tell them where their mom is. This should never happen to anybody. This is something that you see in the movies or read about. This is nightmare,” Aris lamented.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office ruled Ashley’s death a homicide. The report indicated that Ashley died due to multiple stab wounds and an incised wound on the neck.

Aris told Balitang America that his two children, aged three and five, happened to be with their mom at home when the tragedy happened. They were not physically injured.

“When they ask for their mom, I just say that their mom is in their hearts and in their memories. My in-laws are helping me, as well as other victims of crime. The Las Vegas Metro and the community have also checked up on me, make sure I’m okay,” Aris shared.

He added though, that he may have to put his two older children through therapy, given the trauma they went through.

Ashley will be laid to rest on November 6 at the Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, California.

Meantime, Elinor, whose bail has been set to $120,000, is scheduled to appear in a preliminary hearing on November 8.

Her counsel said the case looked like self-defense, as Indico is also recovering from cuts to her stomach. She reportedly told police that she and Ashley engaged in a fight, after she was told to move out of their apartment.

Aris is still raising money for the funeral of Ashley and their baby boy. For more information on how you can help, you may visit

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