Vegas gears up for anticipated Mayweather-McGregor fight

LAS VEGAS, NV — The fighting capital of the world is all set for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Connor McGregor fight.

During the grand arrival, a heated confrontation happened backstage between the Mayweather entourage and the McGregor team.

The 12 round, 3 minute per round slugfest between the undefeated American boxer money Mayweather and UFC world champion Connor McGregor will be under boxing rules.

International boxing referee Sonny Padilla says he believes that Mayweather will remain undefeated.

“Sa tingin ko diyan boring yan parehong hindi dapat maglaban eh kung paglalabanin mo ppasukin ng papasukin yan eh counterpuncher yan hindi mauuna yan kaya ito si McGregor pero hindi eh hindi niya aakapin at dadalhin niya pa ibaba si Mayweather suntukan lang… sa tingin ko eh hindi talaga match,” said Padilla.

Padilla adds that MMA fighters like mcgregor are not accustomed to a 12 round bout. He predicts McGregor will be tired and frustrated.

“Hindi naman niya tatamaan si mayweather ang bilis nun at saka clever. Money may is also the favorite among the oddsmakers and bettors in Vegas casinos.”

Mayweather is now at minus 400 while McGregor is at plus 300.

These Pinoy fight fans say that they are betting on Mayweather because they doubt McGregor’s boxing skills.

“Third round. Kasi experience ito si Mayweather eh hindi naman sumusuntok si mc gregor, sumisipa ito. Ito si mayweather kaliwat kanan tapos yan 3 rounds,” said Peter Reyes.

“4th round, kay Mayweather. Ang kamay nya kasi mas mabilis eh. Boxing talaga yun,” said Roberto Roi.

Hollywood celebrities are also placing their bets, Mark Wahlberg has his money on McGregor, while rapper P Diddy is betting on Mayweather.

In just a few days the Mayweahter-McGregor fight will take place here in Sin City and Filipino fight fans are in for an action packed Saturday night.


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