Vegas Fil-Ams shout at Marco Rubio over immigration issues

LAS VEGAS – After speaking for an hour to a packed audience in Henderson, Nevada, former Florida senator and now republican presidential contender Marco Rubio’s so-called “happy hour” campaign rally didn’t turn out to be so happy after all.

Upon leaving the venue, a shouting match erupted between Rubio’s supporters and protesters.

Some Fil-Am protesters brought a giant papier-mâché effigy Rubio and shouted at the senator asking “Senator Rubio are you getting us the pathway to citizenship, just like your mom and dad?”

Rubio, son of immigrants from Cuba, says that his life is a testament of the American dream.

But some Fil-Ams say Rubio’s immigration plan for a pathway to citizenship contradicts what he is saying in his town hall meetings.

“He said it’s hard to pass. So I don’t know what kind of president he is going to be if he’s giving up on something that is important to a lot of people especially to Filipinos,” said Rubio protester AJ Buhay. “Just like his family who benefited from the immigration system. We want the same thing for all immigrants as well”

The crowd in Rubio’s three-day campaign rallies with Nevadans was smaller than that of his chief rival Donald Trump.

But there are also another kababayans who are supporting Rubio.

“I’m looking for a very credible, trustworthy and honest president and I see that with Marco Rubio,” said Julia Anne Louk. “I believe that he can fight for America and every citizen in the United States”

Meanwhile, Las Vegas is now gearing up for the first democratic presidential debate that will take place at the Wynn Hotel and Casino for a chance for voters to weigh the crop of democratic presidential contenders.

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    13 October 2015 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    Rubio is right to say it’s going to be hard to pass immigration plan for a pathway to citizenship? Rubio is telling the truth, who in the hell wants to help illegal people in to America? So Vegas Fil-Ams should shut their big mouths, because us Americans don’t want illegal people in our country.We Americans want the come into our country the right way.

  • noz
    14 October 2015 at 12:34 am - Reply

    illegal aliens have become too bold demanding rewriting the rule of immigration laws to suit their agenda of legalizing their illegalities. the tactics of making rubio go on a guilty trip is not only ignorant, but scheming. cubans were afforded through 1966 act of congress, the cuban adjustment, after castro’s communist regime, whereby cubans after a year presence in the US, qualify them to apply for permanent resident visa. we all are talking about the 30-50M illegal aliens, costing taxpayers 100B to 200B dollars annually to pay for their anchor babies, jails, lawyers fees, public schools, hiring bilingual teachers, ER, as their primary healthcare source, etc. this is insanity of a pro illegal aliens government working against its citizens, who BTW the government is the citizens now tired, and have enough of the illegal aliens chaos, demanding actions to clean up all of the illegal aliens mess, as the laws are written of systematically deporting illegal aliens, sanctions employers with fines that will hurt their bottomline, then end birthright citizenship, build fences as deterrent are going to be profound with a dimwit pro illegal alien prez, but for an elephant prez its trivial. the citizens must demand for the prez to do its job of deporting illegal aliens, a job only a POTUS is given the power to do. for over thee decades, after reagan’s 80’amnesty, the prez in both aisles were not doing their jobs diligently of deporting illegal aliens, creating the illegal aliens mess of today.

  • V Reyes
    14 October 2015 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    To Mr. AJ Reyes,

    You sir are an embarrassment to Filipinos. First of all there are two types of immigrants; legal and illegal. Legal immgrants are one who follow our laws and wait to come here legally, as is in the case of my parents. Illegal immigrants do not, which from watching the video, it’s pretty obvious where you stand. Do the majority of law-abiding Fil-Ams a favor, and stop spewing Democrat/Socalist BS.

    Good Day sir.