Vargas joins immigration advocates in Washington to support Obama

WASHINGTON – The most outspoken undocumented immigrant in America, Jose Vargas, joined immigrant rights leaders including civil rights leader Al Sharpton in praising President Obama’s administrative relief announcement on immigration tonight.

Sharpton says this is a small step but is a start to fix the broken US immigration system.

Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, says Obama’s step is only a down payment and they are hoping that the US Congress will finally act on fixing the immigration system through a comprehensive legislation.

Mee Moua of Asian Americans Advancing Justice says there are about 1.5 million undocumented Asians, and while the president has taken steps to stop some deportations, she is asking Obama to find a solution to the visa backlogs experienced by many Asian families.

She hopes the president provides relief to the families separated by the broken immigration laws.

Until the US Congress acts on it through comprehensive immigration reform, Moua says she is happy the president is taking a big first step.

Meantime, Ben Monterrosa of the group Mi Familia Vota says the solution is not administrative relief – the solution is for Congress to act on it.

Meantime, Jose Antonio Vargas says he has been dreaming of boarding a plane on his way back to the Philippines to see his mother. Whether that will happen or not is still uncertain.

He said President Obama’s announcement is temporary but he is hoping this will push Congress to finally act on the comprehensive immigration reform bill and provide a lasting solution to America’s broken immigration system.

But just the same, he applauds the president for keeping his promise to the immigrant community.

“This is how we move forward,” said Vargas. This is how we become more inclusive, more just.”


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  • Mario
    20 November 2014 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    Obama’s immigration speech is more of political drama and it is not an amnesty for illegal.Only illegals who came here in the US for more than 5 yrs(before 2009) are given a work permit. During my time, they called it PAROLE STATUS. It needs a congressional bill to become an immigrant,every 2yrs I pay $250 for my work permit.For a parolee the only chance to become an immigrant is to file for political asylum, you are at the mercy and a milking cow from a lawyer for life. If you go back to PH, consult your lawyer to file an advance Parole to travel.If you travel without advance parole you lose your Parole status, chances are you can not come back to US anymore.Child born in the US from illegal parents known anchor babies, are citizen of the country and under Obama exec action,parents could not be deported. During my time,parents were required to go for a voluntary deportation and the child are given to social worker or follow the mother back to PH.As a parolee it is hard to get promoted from your job because they treat you as temporary worker.

  • noz
    20 November 2014 at 6:36 pm - Reply

    all this talk of illegal aliens and their advocators pro lawless stance of amnesty must be tip over by all means. these gangs of illegal aliens, and their anarchic facilitator kept on pushing propagandas – the current immigration laws are broken. the immigration laws in the books are not broken, and was never broken. this false narratives were all manufactured by illegal aliens/their illicit advocators. the POTUS was/is the broken one, not following the basic rule of law by deporting all these illegal aliens, now at accumulated insane number of 30 million. the first agenda of illegal aliens are to take advantage of america’s resources, as suckers of other people’s hard earned cash, costing income taxpayers billions of dollars annually spent on illegal aliens. this got to stop. no fair minded american will go along with obozo’s plan of amnesty of illegal aliens. obozo, the true living pinocchio is into giving full of hot air speeches to convince the baffled public he had deceived countless times. no matter what obozo says such as illegal aliens will have to pay taxes, or criminal illegal aliens will be deported, all of these are all nothing but obozo’s bullcraps. obozo did not deport illegal alien felons, instead released them in various communities. the cause and effect have been disasters, these illegal aliens have murdered americans, either by the acts of killing, driving drunk. obozo is the baddest POTUS ever with so many of his deceptions caught empty handed. the two years power left of crook obozo will be the trying times for this nation, and his opponents, who must wise up to know his lures, which is to trample the predominant elephant party.

  • Thomas Christopher Ty
    25 November 2014 at 7:12 pm - Reply

    Just deport Antonio Vargas already. He is a disgrace to Filipinos; a law breaker. The United States Constitution protects the rights of U.S. Citizen and legal residents; not illegal immigrants.