Vancouver’s Pinoy runner-up in Top Chef Canada

He almost got crowned as Canada’s Top Chef, but Vancouver Chef Mark Singson says even if he was so close to winning the title.

He does not regret any of the decisions he made during the show.

Singson lost the Top Chef Canada crown to Ross Larkin of Newfoundland.

“I never live with regrets. I think this mistakes and these downfalls, honestly, the things that make you as a great chef. You adjust, you adapt, you learn.”

Singson won the best dish in the last quickfire challenge, earning him a spot as one of the top two finalists.

His roasted lamb saddle with bread emulsion, blistered tomatoes and apricot relish has blown away the judges’ taste buds.

In the final dinner, Singson impressed the judges with his amuse-bouche of kushi oyster and beef tartare appetizer.

The Pinoy chef, who came to Canada at the age of 8, taps his Filipino heritage for inspiration in his cooking, and believes it is now time for Filipino cuisine to shine in Canada.

Despite placing second, chef mark knows that the show has opened doors for him and his career.

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