Vancouver residents express daily gratitude to hospital frontliners amid pandemic

VANCOUVER — Nightly around 7 pm, the people of Metro Vancouver cheer, clap, honk their horns and bang their pots and pans — showing appreciation for doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.

They step out of their balconies, patios and roofs to salute the modern-day heroes at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other cities joined in the action, as netizens have been circulating it on social media.

Toto Sager, whose business has been affected by the pandemic, is not opposed to a lockdown in BC.

“It would be better if the B.C. government should declare a total lockdown here in our province to protect all citizens.”

Sager is also thankful for the aid coming from the government — $37 billion worth — in direct support for families and businesses, including $1,400 a month for four months to Canadians who find themselves without an income due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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