Vancouver reports increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans amid pandemic

VANCOUVER — Restrictions’ slowly easing, and some businesses opening.

But after two months of staying at home, some of these Filipino Canadians are not ready to go out just yet.

And it’s not for fear of getting COVID-19.

CNH Town Hall on Racism During the Pandemic

Here is the recording from Zoom of last night's town hall. We had issues with the Facebook live stream constantly cutting out so we're posting the whole, uninterrupted video of the town hall.Thank you to everyone who attended. We recognize that an hour is not nearly enough to cover everything and give time for everyone to speak. This virtual gathering has its inherent challenges given the format but we had a rich conversation and we're grateful for everyone's patience and engagement. We also want to thank you to our elected officials that were in attendance. Thank you for listening and for using what you heard to help us in our fight against racism.Member of Parliament Don DaviesMinister of Health – Member of the Legislative Assembly Adrian DixCity of Vancouver Councillor Sarah Kirby-YungVancouver School Board Trustee Jennifer ReddyVancouver School Board Trustee Allan WongWe'll be sharing more information about the resources we spoke about in an upcoming Facebook post.

Posted by Collingwood Neighbourhood House (Official) on Friday, May 15, 2020

Recent online town halls have confirmed growing concerns on the increase of anti-Asian sentiment during the pandemic.

The Vancouver police department announced 77 hate crimes and incidents have been reported this year, up from 51 incidents during the same period last year.

The city of Vancouver proclaimed a day of action against racism, with a multi-lingual proclamation on its commitment to address the pressing problem.

Others said Filipino Canadians need to speak up more, not only on racism against the community, but against other ethnic groups as well.

“I don’t hear the Filipino community enough,” said Alden Habacon. “When it happens to us, we want everyone to rally for us. Let’s rally for others. We know the Chinese Canadian community has been particularly affected by this, let’s stand up for them. Let’s create this opportunity to do that.”

“I’m more concerned about the silence, about the lack of reporting, about the lack of escalating these issues which I know and I think we all know are happening to people,” said Zahra Esmail.

The public is encouraged to report racism or hate crimes to the police.

The city has also released translated resources for sharing to remind the public there is no place for racism in Vancouver.

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