Vancouver Pinay reaches out to Filipino couple targeted in racist rant

by Marieton Pacheco, ABS-CBN News

A racist rant targeting a Pinoy couple in Vancouver, Canada has gone viral, thanks to two ladies who took videos of the incident on the train.

Paula Correa was on the Skytrain heading to work when a commotion happened inside the train.

She caught half of it on video, and posted this on Facebook.

Correa says the Caucasian woman was beefed upon hearing the couple talking in their own language, and wanted them to settle down.

What happened next was something she never expected in Van City.

“This is the reality that’s happening in the world today,” Correa said. “Kahit nakikita natin sa US or anywhere in the world, reality is sadly, nangyayari din ditto sa Vancouver, the very city we call our home.”
Ashley Klassen also posted a video of the incident on her Facebook page, and how people around rallied to defend the couple against the racial rant.

Klassen has gotten so many messages, that she decided to upload this thank you on her YouTube page.

“It’s been really amazing to see so many people rallying together to stand up against racism and bullying,” she said.

Correa adds that even her Facebook page was bombarded with messages from both sides.
She is thankful, however, that those who were outraged by the incident were far more than those who thought it was okay.

Transit officials have reached out to Correa as part of their investigation on the incident.

As a fellow Pinoy, Correa says she also reached out to the couple after getting off the train to make sure they were fine.
They say the Caucasian is known to authorities on the Skytrain for similar complaints before.

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