Vancouver Philippine consulate receives returned overseas ballots

VANCOUVER — Hundreds of voters in Canada’s western provinces may be disenfranchised in the ongoing midterm polls as the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver deals with an overwhelming number of returned ballots from Canada Post.

If you still haven’t received your overseas absentee voting ballot in the mail, chances are they are part of the growing packages returned by Canada Post to the Philippine Consulate’s office in Vancouver.

Consulate officials say, an estimated 1-thousand ballots have been returned so far due to incorrect addresses of registered voters.

A complete list of names has been posted on the Consulate’s website.

Unfortunately we’ve just been receiving hundreds of return to sender ballots, Mas marami pa sila dun sa balotang bibilangin namin… we have a list on website, ppl will see their names so they can come and claim ballots because we have no way of finding out what their new address is,” said Consul Arlene Magno.

Out of 37,590 registered voters in British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories, only 500 valid ballots have been counted so far.

Aside from returned mail, Consulate officials admit ballots were also mailed out in trickles, as approved budget for stamps came very late.

They are appealing to voters to claim returned ballots as soon as possible, as they don’t have resources to re-send them.

The Consulate will continue to receive mailed ballots until Friday May 10.

They will go to Canada Post’s office during the weekend to claim other mailed ballots that did not make it to Friday’s delivery.

The Consulate will also be open to receive ballots in person until 3AM on Monday, May 13th.


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