Vancouver celebrates Pride, promises to be transgender allies

by Rowena Papasin, ABS-CBN News


While the United States eyes a ban against transgender people in the military, Canada vows to strengthen its policy of inclusion in the Canadian Forces. BA’s Rowena Papasin tells us more from the Vancouver Pride Parade.
Vancouver’s pride flag waved proudly, as marchers from some 150 groups came together to celebrate.

A captain from the Canadian forces joined his partner, who is a member of the police contingent, marching in the parade.

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  • Mario
    11 August 2017 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    LGBT’s has a better future in Canada, they should move there and focus their Transgender agenda. Here in America, their ultimate dream of changing their Birth Certificate from (F) female and (M) Male to (T) Transgender is over…. If Hillary should have won, it should had been a SC leftist, liberal majority and conversion of LGBT’s Birth Certificate to (T)transgender should have been.. Constitutional….. But it was GOD hands, that made Trump the POTUS. Then he already appointed, Justice Gorsuch, 49 yrs old, retire at 80+, which means 30 years Supreme Court conservative majority.If you are from the LGBT community , find a job, make TONS of money, stay away from politics.